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About Literature / Hobbyist Community Volunteer Brennen24/Male/United States Groups :iconseniormentors: seniormentors
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✨ About me! ✨


I'm brennenxr and I'm one of the Literature Community Volunteers here on DA. I've been on DA since 2005 and a senior member since 2006. As a full time student, I spend a lot of my time studying and doing course work. When I'm not doing that, I'm usually here kicking it with you guys!

💖 Amazing Projects 💖

seniormentors As the Applications Admin, I make sure your application gets filed properly! Yay fun! :dummy:

projecteducate I'm a member of the Editing Team at Project Educate. tiganusi still hasn't told me what that means. :stare:

CRLiterature This is the hub for Literature artwork on DA. Check it out!

I'm a general admin at Traditionalists, the-haiku-club, dALibrary, and theWrittenRevolution.

The Meet Your CV articles are a series of interviews about the Community Volunteers here on DA! You can read the published ones below.

LiliWrites (Literature) | RockstarVanity (Photography)
TsaoShin (Fan Art) | Tiganusi (Photography)
Talty (Artisan Crafts) | Cassy-Blue (Stock & Resources)
Morbidman187 (Chats & Forums)

December CVil War: Stress ReliefThe CVil war returns in full force this month with a new prompt, and the winner's of last month's contest!  Every month, the literature Community Volunteers post individual prompts that pit the literature community against each other—for the sake of literature!  While the monthly battle wages on, you're tasked with responding to one of our prompts (and only one! You must pick a side.) in the hopes of becoming the sole champion, and winner of that month's prizes.  Read on to find out what December's prompt entails!
December's Prompt
For many, December is equated with stress. Whether it's the impending holidays, winter setting in for those in the northern hemisphere, or tests/finals at school, you may have reason to be stressed.  This month, I'd like you to begin your poem or prose piece directly following something that caused your main character an incredible amount of stress.  You can begin the story on the beach, showing us how your c
December CVilWar: Holiday MishapsThe CVil war returns in full force this month with a new prompt, and the winners from November's CVilWar!  Every month, the literature Community Volunteers post individual prompts that pits the literature community against each other—for the sake of literature!  While the monthly battle wages on, you're tasked with responding to one of our prompts (and only one! You must pick a side.) in the hopes of becoming the sole champion, and winner of that month's prizes.  Read on to find out what October's prompt entails!
December's Prompt
A holiday is here. It doesn't matter which holiday you write about, or what season (though winter is where we're at right now!). There is so much preparation to do before the big day arrives... but cue the benny hill music, because something, or everything has gone wrong. How will it all resolve??
For a more challenging prom

The Literature CVil War has begun! Choose your side and defeat the enemy by joining into the challenge given to you by your leader.

Each month, the Literature CVs will give challenges to the community meant to enhance your writing skills. There's lots of fun and lots of prizes, and the fate of the community rests in your hands!

Vol. I, II, III, IV

✨ DD Suggestion Guidelines ✨

I take suggestions from the
Literature Gallery only.


:bulletblack: A deviant cannot receive a DD more than once every 6 months. This is a hard-coded restriction that no one can bypass!
:bulletblack: If a piece is an entry into a contest, I can only feature the piece once the contest is over and the winners have been announced.
:bulletblack: The deviant who posted your suggestion should have been active within the last 30 days. No worries if you're not sure, however! I will always make sure of this myself before featuring.
:bulletblack: If I featured a deviant's last DD, I won't feature their next. I will try my best to send it to one of the other Lit CVs if I think they'll enjoy it, though. :)


I will feature any form of literature! I don't care about word count or how many lines a poem has. I don't care how popular a piece is already or if the artist has thousands of watchers. I just want really good lit in my inbox. Generally a piece has to pull me into the story within the first few lines/first paragraph. Otherwise, I'll move on. If it helps, the genres of books I enjoy most are classics, contemporary, non-fiction, and narrative poetry.

To Suggest

Send me a note:note: with a link or thumb to the deviation you think deserves a feature. Please send only one artist per note, but feel free to send as many suggestions as you'd like. If you have a specific reason you think something should be featured, please DO say so in your note! Only send your suggestions to ONE CV! If I don't choose to feature your suggestion, I'll forward it onto doughboycafe if I believe she will.

If you're not sure who is the best Literature CV to suggest to, check out their guidelines:

doughboycafe's DD Suggestion Guidelines

✨ Gallery Preview ✨

morning.if my words fall
upon your ears   gentle
and serene
littered leaves below
your feet, gathered
and whispering
an ocean vast
of constellations deep
our minds the root,
our hearts beneath
at once we soar
over snowy peaks
the caress of morning
upon our cheeks
saturday morning coffee.Seattle held many secrets in its dreary rainfall: college kids having sex in the 7-11 bathroom, a drug dealer staking out Rainier Valley for new clientele, and, worst of all, a secret agent working at the Starbucks on 5th Avenue.  I had watched him for months now and every day something suspicious seemed to happen. Today, the strange behavior revolved around the chocolate syrup pump sitting surreptitiously behind neatly placed metallic coffee mugs for sale.  The perfect hiding spot for seedy behavior!  A woman I earmarked as pleasant-enough looking leaned over the counter cautiously, eye over her shoulder to detect any prying eyes. She whispered something to the duplicitous cashier who squinted his eyes and squished his face, as if he smelled something rancid.  Perhaps it were his devious plans that smelled so foul!  But alas, all that would transpire would be a few extra squirts of syrup into the woman's drink.  This wasn't enough to convince me of his la

sugar.the air scented like strawberries
and your eyes as wide as cherries
my pulse racing as you saunter
so freely past fields of daisies
into my arms and on my lips
is where i know warmth resides—be
it in your garden or your heart
heat rises without single thought
breathe.coral sunset
in your hair
sunflower's song
softly in my ears
the supple breeze
to your glowing skin
my hand
your chest

.peach blossom rain drops
flood my veins against your stars—
heavenly charade
trees.down below
beneath low hanging
lives a world
so tiny and
rain drops dance
while pink petals
crickets chirp
far below the
announcing love and life
on the ground

✨ Currently Reading ✨

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling

For more of what I'm currently reading,
check out my Goodreads page.

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
When asked, what is the most ironic user name you have seen on this site, one name jumps to mind for a lot of people. And that would be `lazybutt Seemingly everywhere and anywhere all at once giving critiques, offering advice and helping newcomers is all in a days work for him.
And then besides that he is always full of great suggestions for the site itself, approaching the admins here with well thought out ideas, and many a recommendation for Daily Deviations or just great artists for us to shine some light on.
And if allllllll of that were not enough then there is the =DailyDeviants project that he has been behind since 2005 as well. So yes, `lazybutt is quite the opposite of his namesake and we couldn't be happier about that.
-awarded August 2007

Which type of success are you hoping for most next year? 

26 deviants said Work/school success (ie promotion or good grades)
23 deviants said Artistic success (focus on your craft more, etc)
12 deviants said Relationship/Friendship success (find a SO, or become more social)
4 deviants said Financial success (smarter about your money, etc)
4 deviants said Obligatory other form of success :P (comment?)
1 deviant said Charitable success (give back, etc)


Been swamped this week and haven't had a chance to create the next CVil War prompt!  Results from last month and this month's prompt will be up by the weekend. :D
94 deviations
Hello, everyone! La la la la In this thread you can share what you've been doing for the Lit community. Articles, contests, tutorials, prompts, challenges, workshops, features....


- Post your link/thumb in a comment
- give a brief description of what the article/blog/journal is about

It's as simple as that! Everyone can scout this thread to promote the links provided and the Literature Community Volunteers will be checking the content to make sure it stays relevant and so on. Irrelevant links will be removed, obviously, so make sure your promotion respects the above guidelines.

Please make sure to write that brief description!

This thread is made sticky and will be renewed monthly!
Posting Guidelines

Please note: This forum is refreshed as new on the first of every single month. The previous month will be locked and unstickied on the same day.

Bullet; Blue This thread is for critique requests for literature deviations only. Please only post if you are interested in revising your writing and wish to receive honest critique.
Bullet; Blue Please post a comment with a direct link or thumb to your deviation. Works must be uploaded to DA!
Bullet; Blue Please refrain from posting entire texts in comments.
Bullet; Blue Please note, there are plenty of Groups that also offer critique as well as literature chat rooms.

Bullet; Orange When giving critique, please remember to be constructive, not destructive.
Bullet; Orange The following guides on critique may be of use to read:

Crit Ticks for Critics
How to accept a critique
PE: Literature Critique Tips

Not getting any critique?

Make the effort to respond to other requests on this thread and more people will be likely to respond to yours. :) (Smile)

Star! CRLiterature hosts Critique chat events in their #CRLiterature chatroom every other weekend!  If you'd rather participate in that, keep an eye on the group's journal for more information.
HaikuWriMo has begun!  Make sure to check out the journals below, and get started on some haikus! :)


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